“Offense wins games, but defense wins championships.”

MAXIMUM growth with minimum risk⠀
MAXIMUM freedom
& MAXIMUM spending power

At Oasis Wealth we think and design “out of the box” compared to traditional planning.

First, you will learn how we have a revolutionary Gameboard Rulebook and our role as your personal CFO. You will have a foundational understanding of our philosophies and how we will revolutionize the way you think about finances. You will be sent an introductory package to complete with the next steps.

We always require that all data be presented to our office a minimum of 48 hours before our next meeting, saving you valuable time during this meeting. We will go through in detail all the areas for which you have already started to build your financial economy.

More importantly, we will review what you want for your money. If you don't plan to spend it all today, then it has to have a future purpose!

This is why we address every area of your defence first. The goal of your Defence Game Plan is maximum protection for minimum cost (Cost = Money you put into your financial world, with little to no expectation of getting it back). We review your savings rate and debt structure, as these are key components to your financial integrity

When it comes to your Offensive Game Plan, we will focus on an area of finance that everyone likes to focus on prematurely: Growth.

With the Oasis Wealth Master's Program, the objective for your Offensive Game Plan is

We will complete a detailed investor profile to ensure your investment strategy is on par with your ability to handle vulnerability.
Every investment growth decision is made in light of your desire to either spend it, or give it away in the future. Working together to implement strategies, your family will achieve maximum financial success. 

We will assist to facilitate in any area that requires implementation outside of Oasis wealth. While it is not a requirement to move any past financial decisions or products to Oasis wealth, most do!

In the first year of the Oasis master's program, you can expect us to check-in regularly. Reviews are quite simple, unless there have been significant life changes.

We commit to meeting at minimum, once a year. However, your desired method and frequency of contact is left up to you.

Plus, there are alumni rewards and community service opportunities throughout the year, which you may be eligible for!

This extensive program is designed to defend your financial position from erosion, misinformation, and you!

Oasis Wealth Design Master's Program Infographic